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Enjoy the Centerville Library

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By Author Colleen Green


I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Washington-Centerville Library, in Ohio. It had been years since I had gone to one. With my debut novel, Last Words ready to donate, I entered the building. The adult services team leader was helpful and passed the book along to be considered for being shelved. I was excited and hopeful.

Also, I was studying a topic for my next writing project and the staff directed me to the appropriate section with a smile. Although you can search topics on the internet, it is sometimes hard to focus on the subject you intended to look up. Just a few extra clicks and you’re saying, “What was I doing again. Oh yeah….” The advantage to reading a book is you can get absorbed into the material and nothing else. Plus, a book has more information than an article can provide.

Later on, I browsed the many magazines organized by category. The more time I spent there, the more I remembered why I love the library. When I used to work at a library many years ago, I always liked the fact that an enormous amount of knowledge in the form of nonfiction and novels full of enchanting stories was available for the taking. With a new library card I checked out some books and I was sure to be back again.

On my way out, I walked through the children’s section. It is designed for reading and play. Many programs and events for youngsters are planned. The story time area is inviting and cozy. The board at the entrance has children’s pictures of them getting their new library card. It also has upcoming events listed. Right now Llama Llama, a character from a children’s book series, is coming soon. See picture below for details. Tail Waggin’ Tutors is a program where your child can read to a dog. Kids are sure to find plenty to do while having fun learning to read and engage in activities.

LLama LLam schedule

llam llam board

I’m proud to announce that my romance suspense debut novel, Last Words, has been added to this wonderful library system thanks to the staff.  I hope you get a chance to check it out along with all the other treasures the library holds.

Library link for Last Words
The Centerville Library
111 W. Spring Valley Rd.
Centerville, OH 45458


About Author Colleen Green

I’m an author, and I'm passionate about cooking and baking. The Amber Milestone Series Book One, Last Words and Book Two, City in the Middle are available on Amazon. For more info go to my website www.colleen green.info Contact: colleen_grn@yahoo.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColleenPGreen


2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Centerville Library

  1. This is a truly GREAT library. Check it out!

    Posted by Jay Worthen | February 19, 2014, 8:32 pm

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