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Books and Bottles Author Event

Readers join us at the Books and Bottles Author Event at Chrisman Mill Winery. This will be an unforgettable day, so make sure to attend this FREE event! Join us for one fun and eventful day at a winery for an author signing extravaganza. Celebrate with local and national authors as they sell and sign copies of their novels, share readings, participate in tours of the beautiful vineyard, shop local vendors, and relax in a pristine setting with lunch and live music.

Location: Chrisman Mill Winery

2385 Chrisman Mill Road

Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

Date: September 2, 2017  

Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Meet the Authors

Colleen Green 

colleen green bio picture jpegAuthor Colleen Green lives in Ohio. She loves to write, read, and cook. Creating a world that readers can immerse themselves into is her passion. Last Words is her debut novel. The romance suspense book is set in the breathtaking vineyards of Napa Valley, California. Romance suspense, YA paranormal romance, and urban fantasy genres are among her favorites to read and write. She is currently working on the second book in the Amber Milestone series and a series of short YA urban fantasy stories.


Last Words is a romance suspense novel filled with intrigue and desire set in Napa Valley, California. Amber Milestone longs for Jack Hale, the handsome and sophisticated son of Mr. Hale, the co-owner of her stepfather’s restaurant. Amber works as a chef at Hale’s View and has more than just a business relationship with Jack. Their love affair is tested by the corrupt world of money and power. Will Amber find the courage to face the wrath of evil?

Once you read about Amber’s life you are swept away by romance and lies into a world full of seduction that blurs the line between true love and raw passion. She symbolizes the power of self reliance but not until she faces tragedy that will keep you turning the pages until the last word.

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 Twitter: twitter.com/ColleenPGreen
Author Page: facebook.com/authorcolleengreen

Website www.colleengreen.info

Mysti Parker

Mysti ParkerMysti Parker is an award-winning author and shameless chocoholic. She writes romance for every reader’s taste from super sweet to scandalously spicy. When she’s not writing the next best-story-ever or tackling the endless mountain of laundry, she works as a freelance copywriter and editor. Mysti resides in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, three children and too many pets.

Mann Cakes 3D-Book-Template SS.png

Mann Cakes by Mysti Parker

Love makes men do desperate things, if desperate things means opening a rival cupcake shop to drive your ex-girlfriend crazy.

Twin brothers and Air Force vets, Tanner and Garrett Mann, return from deployment to find their thriving business burned to the ground. Time for Plan B: Move back to their hometown of Beach Pointe to start over.

But that means running into Paige and Morgan Baxter –gorgeous, curvy, and owners of Two Sisters Cupcakes.

There’s an old diner for sale across town, Garrett’s a great cook, and Tanner has an idea. They’ll make savory cupcakes that men would like. We’re talking bacon and Cheez Whiz. Even better? They’ll call it Mann Cakes. Problem is, they end up attracting an unexpected crowd.

Paige is furious. Every man in her life has left her behind, including Tanner. She’s sacrificed everything for her shop. She won’t lose it over some egotistical ex-boyfriend, even if he does have an Air Force-chiseled body. Her younger sister, Morgan, isn’t helping matters. She’s been gaga over Garrett since high school.

To hell with that. If it’s a fight Tanner wants, it’s a fight he’ll get. But how much is Paige willing to risk to win a cupcake war?

Contact Links:

Facebook: facebook.com/Romance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MystiParker

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Mysti-Parker/e/B0055LOTX8/

Website: http://www.mystiparker.com

Newsletter: landing.mailerlite.com/webforms

Sue Harmeling

sue harmling bio picSue Harmeling grew up, and currently lives, across the river from Cincinnati, OH, with her husband, Steven. Even when she was little she had a pencil in her hand, writing down potential story ideas. Her ideas for her series The Guardians all began when she was sixteen years old. Whether it be reading or writing she was always thinking about new ideas, or about how other authors created the books they wrote. Becoming an author was her biggest dream, something she always aspired of being. She is a multigenre author, but primarily focuses on Fantasy, Paranormal, and YA. Her favorite authors are: J.K. Rowling, Simone Elkeles, L.J. Smith, and Suzanne Collins.



the guardians sue harmling

The Guardians

by Sue Harmeling    

“So it is written, the Fallen shall come down from heaven and linger over the earth and the depths of hell. They live lives of grandeur, and choose to bed with many. Their offspring that they bear will call themselves the Guardians. They will be known as having ultimate power from every land, their presence passed on from generation to generation, until it is like they are a phantom.

They will begin to fall under the fallen. One by one they will fall and there will not be a next in kin to replace them…for their graves will be dug deep. There will be no hope, the world will tremble and crumble under the feet of the Fallen…”

Andrina Chalfon has been running from her fate ever since she was born. Being a Guardian is hard work, especially with what the prophecy has revealed about their kind. With the world beginning to fall underneath the Fallen, their job has become increasingly more difficult. Follow Andrina as she battles through the supernatural world, battling her way to save those she loves, and most importantly to save the world from utter destruction.

Author Sue Harmeling links below.

Website: authorsueharmeling.wordpress.com/

Newsletter Sign-Ups: http://eepurl.com/cVwmob

Facebook: facebook.com/sueharmelingauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarmelingSue

Goodreads: goodreads.com/user/sue

Support/Street Team: facebook.com/groups/suesguard

Amazon: amazon.com/author/sueharmeling

Michelle Areaux 

Michelle A author bio pic

Michelle Areaux is a wife, mother, middle school teacher, and author. As an avid reader and lover of all things literature, she followed her dream of becoming a published author and has never looked back!

To find out more about Michelle’s book or learn her pen name for her Adult novels, please e-mail at michelle.areaux@yahoo.com

Go to: michelleareaux.com to check out my books and upcoming projects.


out of darkness Michelle A book

Out of Darkness

What would you do if you had to fight against the hands of time to save the life of someone you love? After escaping death twice, Nora lives for danger and the rush that makes her feel alive. Liam has been given a second chance at life, but he see’s his new gift as a punishment. When the unlikely pair meet, their lives become intertwined as Liam’s secret could destroy not only his relationship with Nora, but her life. In this young adult fantasy novel, good meets evil as two teens rush to break through the darkness and save themselves.

Purchase at the following retailers:

Universal link- books2read.com/u/bWKDDx


Lisa Colodny

lisa colodnyLisa Colodny was born and grew up in the rural countryside of Kentucky. She attended the University of Kentucky and Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University in 1994 and later obtained an MBA in 2004. Her non fiction publishing history includes approximately 34 publications in the health and science industry and 5 book contributions (also medical). Additionally, she’s been interviewed for 15 television programs or newspaper articles and participated in over 50 healthcare related speaking events. Fiction publishing history includes a short story publication (My Name is Edith) for the Broward College newspaper and an X-files story (H2O) that appeared in a magazine entitled to the Fullest X tent in 1997.


Website: www.lisacolodny.com/

Lisa Robin Phillips Colodny cover 2Do you remember that first day of school where you didn’t know anyone in the class? Whether you were coming into a brand new school or entering a new classroom in a school you’ve already been attending, these milestones wreak havoc on a little one’s psyche. Ms Abrams Everything Garden is an illustrated children’s book and begins with a young child entering a new class where none of the children know each other. The teacher, Ms Abrams, decides to involve the class in a garden project to familiarize themselves with each other. Over the course of the harvesting season they not only grow a garden but a lot of new friends as well. The illustrations for Ms. Abrams’ Everything Garden are amazing.

Lisa Robin Phillips Colodny book cover 1The Town Time Forgot – starts in modern day New York City, as U.S. Marshal Devon McKenzie and NYC Detective Chris Gates are transporting a well-known prisoner along the interstate. The two have never gotten along and are squabbling as usual when their prisoner is forcefully removed from their custody. Their vehicle is wrecked and the officers are injured. This all happens on a night when the Aurora Borealis is at its brightest. Devon and Chris spend the next three days surviving in an isolated wilderness area. When they come upon a farmer, they discover they’ve been transported back in time to 1869 Nebraska. Devon and Chris are assumed to be a married couple, so they play along until they can figure out how to get back to their own time. Three months pass and the two fall in love, but will they spend the rest of their lives in the past – or will they make it home – with their romance intact? Travel back with them to The Town Time Forgot.


Broken hearts book

Broken Hearts

Owen’s true love, Rachel, died years ago, but he has never overcome the loss of his beloved Rachel. He feels like he can’t love another. His nightclub is being targeted and his employees are vanishing. Owen’s brother talks him into coming back home for a visit. Maddie is trying to get over the loss of her mother when she was really young.  On top of that, she caught her fiancé cheating.  She has many secrets that nobody can find out about. Her identity is one that she will fight to keep secret. She just wants to live in as much peace as she can. Then, the divorce her boss is going through and his anger towards her has him sending her to a small town. Neither knew what they were walking into. Neither wanted to fall in love ever again, but they could not deny the lust each one had for the other. Will Owen and Maddie be able to finally let their past rest?
Facebook Author Page: facebook.com/leslieniccibaysauthor/

Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lbays656

Amazon: amazon.com/Leslie-Nicci-Bay

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show

website: lbays656.wixsite.com


KV Rider

KV RiderI was born in Euclid, Ohio, living in Wickliffe until I was seven. It was then that we moved to a small town in Kentucky. I married young and still live in that small town with my husband. We have three children, a daughter-in-law, and three (almost four now!) grandchildren. Our parents all live close by, as well as our children. I love watching my birds on the deck and having herb gardens and trees. My pinterest account is mostly filled with books I love reading and also on gardening ideas.
I’ve always enjoyed writing. It wasn’t until the death of my middle sister, that I found that I could escape my daily life in writing, it was a great way to deal with the mourning process. The only sharing I did during this time was for extra credit in school and for my friends and family.
My desire to write took a side-burner when I had children of my own. But with time passing, the stories became more like little movies and I knew I needed to write again. As I worked on this book, I never thought I would do anything with it, but as time passed, I knew I wanted to share it! One of my favorite authors, Susan Mallery was going to be at a convention. She kept posting about the RT convention, and so I ended up going to my first one. I learned a lot there and made some wonderful friends (Monica, Damon, and Stephanie), but most importantly, it gave me direction. The second one I attended, I submitted my book to the company I fell in love with through Monica.
I work as a paramedic and love this job also! It’s very rewarding as it is also stressful! EMS does not get the justification as it should, especially when EMS and firefighting are two separate identities as in most smaller communities. Most of my off time is filled with family and getting the time to just stay at home.
Website: www.kvrider.com

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery Romance

kv rider the real winner

What would you do for your best friend?
What would you do for family? When the two combine, do you make a choice? Watch what happens when you combine friendship and family.

Purchase at the following retailers:

Amazon US: amzn.com/B01MXI3DJN

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2fBr3xS

iBooks: http://apple.co/2fOKiJi

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2fyTi42

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2eKmu6B

Susan Burdorf

Susan Burdorf
Susan Burdorf is an avid reader, photographer and lover of all things sparkly. Writing is a passion that is only quenched when THE END is written on the last page of a manuscript. Nothing says home to her, though, like the presence of her family. Susan encourages you to correspond with her and is available for public appearances at schools and conferences.
susan burdorf breaking fences
Facebook: facebook.com/susanburdorf
Breaking Fences
A Cygnet’s Tale
Old Wounds
(A Havenwood Falls novella)
(Releasing August 4,2017)
Amazon Page:

See you there!

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/

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About Author Colleen Green

I’m an author, and I'm passionate about cooking and baking. The Amber Milestone Series Book One, Last Words and Book Two, City in the Middle are available on Amazon. For more info go to my website www.colleen green.info Contact: colleen_grn@yahoo.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColleenPGreen


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