How Nutrition Affects Your Body

I have taken a weightlifting/cardio class from Miranda Hoffmann. I recently interviewed her on the subject of nutrition. She is a certified fitness trainer who shared her knowledge with me.

Q: What kind of food do you recommend to eat before a workout?

A: “Carbs like citrus fruits, complex carbs like oatmeal, and protein. A few healthy protein choices would be lean white chicken, turkey, lean beef, white fish, tuna, yogurt, low fat cheese, protein shake.”

Q: What kind of food should you eat after a workout?

A: Make sure you eat protein to help with muscle recovery especially after lifting weights.

Q: How many calories should you eat in a day?

A: Calories you need for the day will depend on if you are trying to maintain your weight or lose weight. If you do not work out that day or if you have a high intensity workout, that would affect how many calories you need. The exact number of calories to eat can be a tricky number to calculate and you may need to consult a personal trainer.

Q: Why do you say it is better to have a little dessert right after a meal and not on an empty stomach?

A: When you eat dessert after a meal your body uses the sugar to help digest the carbs and proteins. If you eat the dessert on an empty stomach then your body stores more of the fat.

Q: How often should you have something you crave that may be unhealthy?

A: If you are trying to lose weight and tone your body then you should only have a special treat about once every other week. An example would be a small ice cream cone. So do not think of it as an excuse to have a ton of the unhealthy treat like a whole pizza with a ton of meat. Do not have every meal that day be unhealthy. Limit the food to one meal or dessert that day. For example, have pizza with pepperoni but have vegetables on it too. Also, if you have a weakness like drinking several beers a week try to gradually cut back. Instead have three beers a week until you can cut back to just one a week.

It takes both exercise and healthy eating habits to stay in shape.

Miranda Hoffmann: Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach



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